Keystone Ticket Entry Solutions

Keystone IT Services can help you plan, manage and provide complete ticket entry solutions you your business, social, or sporting events.  From small events with only a handful of Pre-purchased tickets, to large single and multi day events with many thousand ticket holders; We can assist you to run your event on your own saving time and money. Giving you full control and maximizing your ticket revenue.

  • Sporting Clubs Games and Match Entry
  • Theater and Entertainment Groups Productions
  • Business Seminars and Corporate Events
  • Schools & Social Club Events

Complete On-The-Day Management:  We provide all the necessary equipment required for paper and electronic ticket scanning (Tickets on Mobile devices), and manual ticket entry and Also be able to provide the electronic POS/Register systems for all pay-at-gate entry.   You have a choice to use your own employees or volunteers to help at the gate / ticket entry throughout your event or Keystone IT can provide qualified trained staff to do all the work for you. 

Ticket Scanning System & Touch POS Gate Entry Register Hire:  If you are running your event for a second time and have used Keystone IT before you may opt to hire the Scanning hardware / Gate Entry Registers  and self manage your own event.  We will provide you all the necessary terminals and scanning hardware pre-configured for your event so you have the full pre-paid ticket scanning system without the need to purchase equipment that will only be used a few times a year.

If your events are run more frequently you can purchase outright the scanning systems for your club, school, organizations, etc, with the full backup and support of Keystone IT Services. Or we can tailor a discounted Event Entry Management for you so there is no capital purchase.  By owning your own equipment your gate entry / ticket scanning will be completely in-house and you can really maximize your ticket revenue to it's fullest extent.

For more information please contact Keystone IT Services for a friendly no-obligation chat about your upcoming event or ticketing needs.



Lost Trades Fair
  March 2015 to 2019  Kyneton, VIC
  May 2017 to 2019  Toowoomba, QLD
  October 2019 Hawkesbury, NSW

This events are held annually over  two days each.  Keystone IT Services has provided and administered the Ticket Entry and also the Pay at the Gate Entry for the past three years.  This event sees around 18 - 20,000 visitors attending with up to 8,000 prepaid tickets arriving at the date over the two days. and over 12,000 gate sale entries.

Keystone IT Services provides all cash register and ticket scanning equipment and also provides a core staff / management team to run the complete front gate entry for the event.